Welcome to School of Philosophy Oxford

A ten week evening course

Further Course in Practical Philosophy

A Further Course in Practical Philosophy only for past students.

Discounted this term: £60 now £30 

We are pleased to be able to offer this course to all students who have completed our introductory course (online or in-person). 

Over the last 4 months the spread of a tiny organism has changed our way of living and possibly our way of thinking about life. 

In our introductory course we considered the possibility that the three essential components of Philosophy, i.e. wisdom, happiness and love are within us all. Our course builds on this enquiry by introducing further practical ways to access this reality. 

Working in small groups, sharing what we find useful in practice, and what the obstacles are, is an effective way to discover greater access to our wisdom, happiness and love. 

Come and re-connect with us. 

Email Norman for a link to register and let me know which courses you attended: schoolofphilosophyoxford@gmail.com

We also have a free talk at our new venue to introduce these courses

Courses start 27 Sept. 7:15-9:30PM (incl. Refreshment break)

Eckersley House, 14 Friars Entry, OX1 2BZ