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A ten week evening course

Economics with Justice

NB: International Economics & Law Conference on 4-6th Sept 2020-

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This fresh and innovative approach to economics considers the principles relating to the major areas of economic study.

It takes as its basic assumption that in practice economics should have a just and equitable outcome for all those participating in, or affected by the economy. Economics is approached as a human study, involving all of humanity, but with humanity seen in the context of its place in nature and the universe. The role of nature as the source of wealth and sustainer of life is emphasized.

Importing considerations of justice, equity and nature’s laws into the study of how economic laws work opens up a much brighter prospect for planetary health and human prosperity.

Further Courses For those who wish to continue the study, there are two further courses available.

The first sets economics in its historical context. It shows the way that the evolution of economic thought has governed how the global economy and its attendant problems have developed.

The second addresses the related questions of economic growth, sustainability and human development. Additional courses are available from time to time according to demand and opportunity.

Introductory Course Sessions

Session 1: Humanity meets the universe. Truth, justice and the creation of wealth.

Session 2: Co-operation and capital. Markets, society and the sharing of wealth.

Session 3: The cycle of production of wealth. The economic significance of location.

Session 4: The magic of money. Financing trading economies.

Session 5: Credit. The gift that enables economies to work.

Session 6: The economic effects of working together. Interest, can it be justified?

Session 7: Free trade and protection: Economic cycles.

Session 8: Can tax be fair? The role of taxation in managing economies.

Session 9: A just form of Government revenue. Some applications.

Session 10: Economics with justice. Prosperity and freedom in a global economy.

There are no courses running at the moment (spring 2020)

Please register your interest with your tutor who will find the next available course.

The School of Philosophy also offer online courses in Economics here.