Welcome to School of Philosophy Oxford

A ten week evening course

Philosophy Practice & Study Day

NB This event is postponed indefinitely because of the corona virus


Saturday 16th May 2020

£10 if booked 3 days in advance through link below, full price £15 otherwise

This event is open to anyone enrolled in Philosophy Pt 2 onwards.

It's a great opportunity to get some experience of working with others of like mind :

Doing practical work- our school is built on service and wouldn't run without it. But service can have negative connotations for us which are all misplaced. Service can and should be naturally joyful and loving. At its heart it is the practice of centering the attention where the work is taking place. Experiencing this with others can displace those negative ideas, and give the possibility of making more of life joyful, as it should be.

Mindfulness, Contemplation & Reflection- a chance for deeper practice.

Experience the Fresco Hall- normally only open to visitors if they book a tour.

Walking in the Gardens- these will be open for you to enjoy at lunchtime or at the end of the day without charge. There is also normally a charge for this.

The Horticultural Centre and shops -round off the day with some shopping. A 20% discount card is included in the price.


Provisional Programme*

All take place or begin in Green Room unless stated otherwise.

9.15-9.45 Arrive. Coffee in main hall.

(8.45 Arrive for Meditation at 9.00 – an option for those in meditating groups).

9.45 Start: Session 1: Welcome and Introduction.

10.15-11.45 Session 2: Mindfulness, Contemplation or Reflection  (details to be given on the day).

12.00 Lunch (with time for conversation, rest or a walk in the gardens). Main Hall.

13.00 Session 3: Mindfulness Practice -  applying the Principles of Work to physical work activity (e.g. washing up, light gardening).

14.15 Tea in Main Hall.

14.30 Session 4: Study.

15.15 Session 5: Integration – Discussion, review and next steps.

16.00 Depart.

* Timings are subject to change on the day.

Please aim to be punctual, in the right place ready to start on time

Contact details

In case of difficulties, and you need to contact us on the day, please call Nigel Pate on 07801 101358

The address is: Waterperry House, Nr Wheatley, Oxfordshire OX33 1LG (01844 339 518).


Cost for the day, including lunch, and coffee/ tea etc. is £15 on the day, but only £10 if paid in advance.

Cash or cheques payable to ‘School of Economic Science’.


About Waterperry 

Visit the website at: https://www.waterperrygardens.co.uk

Getting to Waterperry

The small village of Waterperry is about 5 mins from the M40, East of Oxford, so easy to get to from branches around London e.g.  about an hour’s drive from St Albans. (The best postcode to use for a Sat Nav is: OX33 1LG.)

Early on a Saturday, we would recommend using the M25/M40. Leave the motorway at J8 (A40) (or J8A if you miss this); in either case make towards Wheatley and look out for and follow the brown tourism signs for Waterperry Gardens.
Drive slowly (20mph) through the village of Waterperry until the road ends at Waterperry House and Gardens.

Parking: Enter the main gate to Waterperry Gardens and turn immediately right (not ahead through the garden centre), passing through a small parking area. Then turn left up the narrow driveway to the House itself. Please do not park at the front of the house, but drive slowly past the house where you will come to a parking area on the right. Park where you can and come in through the front door of the house where we will meet in the hall.

Lunch. Lunch will be provided. It will be a simple, vegetarian meal, comprising salad, cheeses, bread, fruit etc. There is usually a hot dish as well.  Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.


What to expect:   The structured programme will include discussion, periods of study and quiet time as well as practical work.

We will be sharing the house with other groups staying at the centre over the weekend. The house is run by the students for the students, and all activities such as preparing meals, washing up and house cleaning are carried out by students visiting and using the study centre. We will participate in this in some way.

What to wear:  Wear clothing you will be comfortable in. The house can be draughty at times, so wear something warm. We will be mostly indoors, but, weather permitting, we plan to be outside for some of the time. Our main opportunity to practise working with attention will probably take the form of some light gardening (so please bring suitable clothing such as boots and coat) or washing up or cleaning for those who prefer to be indoors.

Late spring is a glorious time-of-year to be at Waterperry and the gardens around the house provide a restful setting: feel free to walk around the gardens free of charge at the end of our day or during the lunch break.

Health and Safety. Your health and safety during your stay at Waterperry are our most important priorities. If you are asked to do anything which for whatever reason you cannot or should not do, or you come across any hazardous situations, please let the person in charge know straight away.

In the event of a fire, an alarm will sound. Please leave the house immediately by the nearest exit and meet on the lawn at the front of the house.

What else to bring:  Pen and paper in case you wish to take notes, but this is optional. If you’ve already paid for the day, you won’t need money (unless you wish to visit the tea shop or award-winning garden centre afterwards – many do! – in which case ask us for a card to qualify for 20% off ).