Welcome to School of Philosophy Oxford

A ten week evening course

Good Morning Monday


INTRODUCTORY TALK to give a taste of what to expect in our ten week course on Practical Philosophy     
Sunday 9th January 2022
7.15pm-8:30pm incl. refreshment break
Eckersley School of English, 14 Friars Entry, Oxford, OX1 2BZ

NB. Park and Ride is best but parking is also available at nearby Gloucester Green car park. £4 after 7PM

Knowledge, Meditation, Practice - bringing fresh mornings to life

In this talk Steven Silver, Principal of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science in the UK, will give a brief history of the School and its distinctive approach to practical philosophy. It is a threefold approach: study of ancient philosophical and spiritual traditions, reflection on those teachings and putting them into practice. Even in our modern, busy lives, the wisdom found in texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Upanishads, remain as relevant as when they were first written. Perhaps more so now. 

The School has followed this approach for over eighty years, exploring the eastern and western traditions through study, conversation and simple practical exercises. Everyone is a student and everyone can share their own experience. Learn and teach is the motto.

A question and answer period will be included.