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A ten week evening course

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Introductory Course in Practical Philosophy

Special offer for new students next term:

All ten sessions for free and online this term only because of the corona virus. 

It will be administered from our headquarters in London and instructions of how to enrol will also be on their website.


Course in Practical Philosophy-Pt 1B-Wisdom

If you found the introductory course to be of value why not continue your studies- this is a continuation of the introductory course and is also offered online. Course fee is £50 and you can enrol using the above link.

Practical Philosophy Course- Part 3B/6B

Early Bird Special offer this term for students who were enrolled last term for Parts 3/6a

As you know this term will be held online via Zoom.

All ten sessions for only £40 if you book before September 1st, £50 booking after this or on first night. (normal fee is £50)